On Taking Candy

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I went with Daddy to a camp ground in Tennessee. We got here in the morning so I had lots of time to play while Daddy set up the tent and made the whole campsite fun. He said not to talk to anyone while I was swimming at the lake we’re camping on and I didn’t for a really long time. He came to swim with me and we wrestled for a bit in the water. He found a spot where there weren’t any people and fucked me really slow with my legs around his waist in the water. It felt so good since we weren’t able to fuck while Daddy was driving us up here. I loved the way it felt in the water it’s the first time he’s fucked me in a lake before since there aren’t any at home I can go in.

After fucking for a while Daddy came inside me and when he pulled out all his cum kind of floated up. It was pretty funny. After that we had late lunch and then went on a hike. While we were hiking we met a couple of people and Daddy spent the longest time ever talking to a guy who worked for a cruise line. I think he was trying to get a free vacation. After the hike we came back to the campsite and Daddy made dinner for us and I cleaned up all our clothes. The tent looks really comfortable and I’m excited to sleep next to Daddy for three whole days and nobody will know that I’m more than just his little girl.

After dinner last night Daddy said I should take a quick dip in the lake to get clean after our hike and I took my towel, and soap with me to do what I was told. There was nobody at the lake but me for a while. I was in the water rinsing my hair when I heard someone at the edge of the shore and one of the guys we saw while we were hiking was watching me from the edge of the water. He told me to come out of the water and I did as I was told. Daddy told me I am not allowed to disobey men when they talk to me. I almost hid my body from him but decided it was okay if he looked at it. As soon as I got out of the water he pulled me down and dragged me closer to the bushes. I didn’t struggle or cry out and it only took a few minutes before he had me pinned down face first on the ground.

It did NOT feel good. He pushed me directly into some rocks and I got scraped up pretty bad. I did not struggle. Daddy told me that if a man ever tried to rape me that I was to obey everything that he said and never struggle. That men deserved to rape me if they wanted to. That I was just a woman and women weren’t allowed to refuse men no matter what.

It really hurt. I wasn’t wet and he was not being gentle, but even so I started to get wet and push back against him and I moaned a few times. I guess he realized I was enjoying it because he stopped pushing on my head and took his hand off my mouth. I pushed back against him and spread my legs as wide as I could so he could get all the way inside me like Daddy had trained me to do. I pushed my hips up and he hammered his cock into my twelve year old pussy. It felt so good and so bad all at the same time.

It didn’t take him long to cum inside me and as soon as he did I turned my head around and kissed him on the mouth and said thank you. He stood up and just looked at me for a few minutes before walking away and didn’t say anything. I was a little disappointed. Maybe he wanted me to resist more. Maybe I’ll cry and resist more tonight if he comes to rape me again. Since we’re staying here three nights I wonder if he’ll try to rape me again. I hope so, it’s his right as a man, after all.