Meet Casey West - Deviant Daddy's Girl & GFE Companion

Hello, Sir, my name is Casey West and I'm so wonderfully pleased You've stumbled onto my website. I'm going to tell You just a little bit about me. To be completely honest I'd prefer it if You sent me an email, messaged me on Snapchat, or sent me a text and got to know me a little Yourself. I'm the kind of kinky limitless little slut You lust after. My biggest kink is exchanging power, a disruption in the societal order, or maybe...a correction in order. Relinquishing control of the vessel that will provide You an immeasurable degree of sapphic pleasure. Do it, Sir, just because You can. Because You have all the rights. All the power. I'm not describing your garden variety 'submissive' - but one who has been trained from an early age, one who is so extremely eager, and already dripping wet looking forward to being the recipient of all of Your bad intentions. I'm not looking to dominate You, peg You, or Top You. Please find someone else if that's Your kink. I'm looking for a particular type of Gentleman who loves doing dreadfully atrocious things to pretty little girls. I’m also a wonderful gfe companion so if kink and domination is not your thing please let me know. We’ll have a special, and very intimate session where you do all the things to me you would a girlfriend. There shouldn’t be anything coming between us in a gfe or pse date. Let’s make memories.

I love power exchange, kink, domination, bdsm, and all of those taboo things a dirty Daddy like you craves.

Use Me

I crave for you to put me in my place and use me in ways you've only fantasized about. 

Merriam-Webster defines the word USE as the following:

The act or practice of employing something : employmentapplication 

He made good use of His whores fuck holes - all three of them

The fact or state of being used  

a cunt in daily use

The privilege or benefit of using something  

gave Him the use of every single part of her, without reservation or limit

The ability or power to use something (such as a limb or faculty)

The legal enjoyment of property that consists in its employment, occupation, exercise, or practice

a particular service or slut you deem useful as property  

put learning to practical use - only if the slut is broken in hard enough

The occasion or need to employ  

took only what He had use for - which was every single thing she was or could wish to be

Punish Me

I know I'm a bad girl, Daddy, and You want to punish me - just because. Inflict pain on me if that is what You desire. I do not desire the welts, the bruises, the palm prints, but...You love the way they look so the skin that wraps my muscles around my bones craves them. Craves them because that's what ignites the beast in You.

Restrain Me

You know it makes me insatiable and wet knowing I'll be Your helpless little victim. Do things to me You can't utter to anyone else in the light of day. Do things to me You feel terrible thinking about after do them. Make me the recipient of Your rage...upon my helpless inferior flesh. That...that's what You need. 

Make Me Your Toy

 Please, Sir, unleash the beast inside of You and fulfill all of Your deviant, dark, sadistic fantasies with me. I'm looking for dominant men who enjoy bending women to their will.

A Lover, Daddy, Master who will treat me like the deviant slut I am. There are limitless possibilities, Master.

After all, that's what play things are made for.

Casey West - Based in Brunswick, GA